Music Quilt Screensaver

Music Quilt Screensaver

Cover your monitor in album artwork


  • Screensaver is animated
  • Personalized
  • Looks great


  • Tags rely on user generated content, and you may not agree with them!

Very good

Music Quilt Screensaver is a powered screensaver. It plasters your monitor with a slowly rotating quilt of album covers taken from the listening habits of you or any user you define.

Installation is simple, and will leave you on your control panel screensaver settings tool. Open settings here, and you can choose either to enter a user name, or a tag. when activated, after a few moments the screensaver will have downloaded the cover art images. The effect is pretty cool.

The screensaver is a 10 by 10 grid of images, and the images change a few at a time, with a smooth transition. Obviously, if you're embarrassed about anything you listen to, this might not be very attractive if you're trying to impress colleagues. The solution is simple - find a cool user on and enter their name in screensaver settings. Alternatively, choosing a tag like 'death metal' will cover your screen with cover art from music tagged like that by users.

For music fans, whether or not you're a user or not, Music Quilt Screensaver will look great on your desktop.

Music Quilt Screensaver


Music Quilt Screensaver

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